Caution: Boil Water Advisory For East Moore County

Note: This Advisory does NOT include Seven Lakes but is being shared for those who travel to or reside in East Moore County.

Moore County Public Utilities has issued an advisory for residents within the East Moore Water District to boil their water due to a break in the water main.

According to Public Works Director Randy Gould of Moore County Public Utilities, boiling water is done as a precautionary measure against bacteria and microorganisms due to the water main break and a loss in water pressure. It is not certain if bacteria made its way into the water line.

The pipeline break was repaired on the morning of Tuesday, January 10, 2017. However, Moore County Public Utilities is awaiting the water sample test results to ensure water safety. Please continue to boil water when in an affected area. Test results regarding water safety are expected to arrive to Moore County Public Utilities on Wednesday, January 11.

To ensure safety, affected residents within East Moore County should boil water vigorously for no less than one minute before consumption or use. DO NOT substitute filtering for boiling, as filtering does not remove harmful bacteria.

A reverse-911 call has been made to those within the affected area. Seven Lakes has NOT been affected by the pipeline break.

Please contact Moore County Public Utilities for any questions or concerns at 910-947-6315. More information can be found at

CLICK HERE to view the Advisory.