No Board of Director Ballots for North & South Sides

Seven Lakes North and South residents will not receive ballots for the Seven Lakes Board of Directors.

Elections are held annually for the Seven Lakes North and South Board of Directors. Each year a number of candidates run in hopes of improving the community.

However, no ballots will be necessary in regard to these candidates.

The Board of Directors consists of a group of seven individuals. Within the Board is a president, vice president, and treasurer.

Candidates are voted onto the Board by North and South side residents. Board members then determine which individuals are officers. A term on the Board lasts two years.

There is an alternation that takes place with the voting. Every other year, four members are voted onto the Board. During the alternate years, three members are voted on. This brings a total of seven Board members within two years. With this voting system, the Board of

Directors will never have an entirely new Board of Directors in a single year.

This year four positions are available for the 2017 Board of Directors candidates. Four candidates are running for these positions. These candidates are Steve Hudson, Jared Fravel, David Salmon, and Bob Racine – the current Board Vice President.

Because there are the same number of candidates and positions, all candidates will be elected to the Board by default.  Therefore, no ballots are necessary this year.

Ballots will be sent out this week in regard to an increase in dues.

“The Board is recommending a $50 assessment increase on all lots (developed, undeveloped and multi-lot discount lots) This increase is permanent until the community votes to change the assessment structure.  If approved the $50 increase will be allocated as follows: $25 into Restricted Reserves (Road Repairs & State Mandated Dam Repairs), $18.35 into Unrestricted Reserves (Capital Projects) and $6.65 into the Operating Budget.”

The Board of Directors candidate bios will be released this week.