North and South Candidates Night

Steve Hudson

On Monday, March 6th, a Meet the Candidates Night was held at the Clubhouse for the Seven Lakes North and South Board of Directors Candidates. The candidates included Jared Fravel, Steve Hudson, Robert Racine, and Davis Salmon. The moderator for the meeting was Spencer Ferguson.

All candidates agreed that they want to make Seven Lakes a better community.

“I did not come here to die; I came here to begin a new chapter of my life,” Racine said. “We are witnessing the evolution of this community from a predominantly retired community to a middle-class community.”

Davis Salmon

Hudson acknowledged that the community should “stay within the covenants [of the community.]”

“[We should] use common sense and have consistency,” Fravel agreed.

The candidates also agreed that when the Board of Directors is asked to make a decision – all members of the Board should vote regarding the issue.

“On other boards, it’s required that everyone votes,” Salmon said.

“We have to take a stand,” Fravel said. “That’s why we’re on the Board.”

Steve Hudson

“[We should only abstain if there is a personal conflict of interest,” Racine added. “The community deserves to have [our] vote[s].”

In regard to disagreeing with others on the Board, the candidates agreed that they should each state their own opinions while listening to the opinions of others.

“[I’ll try] to make a good argument,” Fravel said.

“[You have to] point out your side,” Hudson agreed.

“I’ll do the best that I can and accept the results and decisions of the Board,” Racine said.

“After teaching sixty men in construction class [at Pinecrest], I’ve become persuasive,” Salmon said. “Just listening persuades.”

The candidates also explained their interest in getting the younger generations involved in the community.

Robert Racine

“[We can] unite the community through community events,” Fravel stated.

“[I want to] get younger folks involved in governing Seven Lakes,” Hudson said.

The candidates were asked to express their personal goals for their terms on the Board.

“[I want to] do a good job as a member of the Board,” Salmon said. “I hope to improve the community. I want to stay here.”

“I want to enjoy my grandchildren,” Racine said. “I want [to see] young and old [community members] getting together.”

“[I’ll try to] make things better [in the community],” Fravel said.

Jared Fravel

Although this will be Jared Fravel’s first time serving on a board, he is determined to do his best in serving the community.

“I’m really excited to be working with good folks,” he said.

“[I want to see] all of us working together,” Hudson said. “We need a seventh member on the Board if anyone is interested.”

The candidates thanked the outgoing board members who will be leaving the Board this month. These outgoing members include Mark Widman, Mark Gyure, and Greg Lishawa.

Candidates Jared Fravel, Steve Hudson, Robert Racine, and Davis Salmon will officially take their places on the Board of Directors on Saturday, March 25th at the Seven Lakes North Clubhouse at noon. The Seven Lakes North and South community is invited to attend this event.