North & South Vote On Increase In Dues

Board Members Rod Ansley and Mark Widman

On Saturday, March 25th, the Seven Lakes North and South Board of Directors welcomed new Board members Jared Fravel, Steve Hudson, Bob Racine, and Davis Salmon.

During the next year, there will be new dam assessment as well as an improvement in fishing in the lakes with the help of fishing habitats.

The Board is also transforming Seven Lakes from what it was once known as – “A retirement community: a place where you come to die.”

Board Member Bob Racine

“That may have been true in the past, but we are now a community of the present and the future,” Bob Racine said.
Landowners Association meetings have been moved to the evening to accommodate working families.

Board President Greg Lishawa noted the security guards in seven lakes.

“They are an extension of customer service,” he explained.

The security guards do not function as sheriffs, but instead observe and report. Community residents must provide identification should anyone need to be reported.

Rod Ansley, in charge of the Recreation Committee, gave numbers in regard to Seven Lakes events. There are roughly six to eight events in a year including the Picnic and the Halloween events. Each event hosts about 100 to 220 people at a cost of $300 – $500 per event. Ansley hopes that in the future, more families will participate in such events.

President Greg Lishawa showed his appreciation for those who help in the community.

“I would like to thank the Board Members, the committee members, and my wife,” he said.

He explained that the Board Members have carried much leadership in Seven Lakes, and that the committee members are the ones who ensure community events are a success.

The Lishawa also referenced the recent vote regarding a $50 increase in dues in Seven Lakes North and South. He explained that the increase should pass. Otherwise the community will be heading down a path toward incorporation.

Board President Greg Lishawa

“No other community in the country offers what Seven Lakes offers,” he said. “[It] will get us moving in the right direction.”

According to 2013 reserve studies, the finance committee, an independent auditor, and the 2017 reserve, it would be beneficial for the community to have the increase in dues.

“We moved in here to support what is here,” Lishawa said.

Requests have been made to have fences realigned, a fenced-in boat storage area, and a second entrance for residents.

“These are just dreams,” Lishawa said. “We don’t have the money. It’s just that simple.”

A community member presented the outcome of the vote.  Out of a total of 503 votes, 261 voted in favor of the increase, and 242 voted against the increase.  The extra $50 will be added to our dues.

The Board then recognized Mike Conway as the Citizen of the Year.

After the meeting, the Landowners Association hosted a lunch for the community in which Board Members prepared and served Seven Lakes residents.

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