Double Dues for Double Lots

On Tuesday, May 23rd, a meeting was held with the Seven Lakes West Board of Directors.

This was the first meeting in which comments were made prior to the meeting.  The change was made in an attempt to shorten the length of meetings.

Comments were made regarding the safety of coves where snakes had been found as well as adding additional amenities to the community such as a walking path and a fitness center.

One individual mentioned the problem of strangers coming onto her family’s boat while not in use.  She suggested having cameras put in place to prevent individuals from boarding and stealing from the boats at the docks.

The Board noted the safety in the community.  They stressed the importance of contacting the sheriff’s department if a suspicion arises in the community.

“If you see something, say something,” they said.

The Board agreed to investigate new ways to improve property values in Seven Lakes West.

The Board made a motion that lots recombined after the date of June 27th would continue to have separate dues.  In the past when lots were combined, only one set of dues would be paid rather than separate dues for each lot.  The rest of the community would have to make up for the loss in dues.

“Every time we combine a lot, we lost $1,008 in dues,” they said.  “… I don’t think that’s fair.”

“This motion eliminates any [motive] for recombining lots,” one individual said in disagreement.  “I think also that we are penalizing our members twice.”

Recombined lots cannot be separated.  Owners of recombined lots will be paying separate dues for each lot and will not be able to separate and sell one individual lot in the future.

Several members commented that they believed owners of multiple lots were being penalized through this new rule.  It was mentioned that only about forty lots had been combined in the past eight years.

Earlier this year dues had been raised again for the community.

“That’s money that every homeowner is putting out for someone else to enjoy a double lot,” the Board said.

The motion for double dues failed to pass with a vote of six to one.

The community is currently being audited.  The audit will be complete at the end of June.  The total annual income exceeded the budget by about $88,900.  The community spent about $54,000 less than what was budgeted for.

Two projects were scheduled to take place during the 2017-2018 fiscal year.  These projects are the spillway hydraulic study and the main spillway project.

A motion was made to complete the landscaping around the Johnson Point kayak rack area.

It was announced that July 4th preparations have already begun.  A concert will be at Johnson’s point on Saturday, July 1st.  The Sailing Club will be hosting the Boat Parade.  Everyone is to meet at the dam on Tuesday, July 4th with boats decorated to be in the parade.  Fireworks will take place at around 8:45PM.

During this fiscal year, cracks will be sealed in the pavement in the parking lot at the community center and at various locations within the community where it has been requested by residents.

A presentation was made regarding renovations to the West Side back gate and community roads.  Such improvements include landscaping and widening lanes.  The Board voted in favor of these changes.

One resident suggested having speed bumps at the gate to help prevent vehicles from tailgating into the community without a bar code.

She explained that vehicles try to sneak through the back gate behind her, especially at night.  With a speed bump in place, outside vehicles would be forced to slow down, giving the gate enough time to close after the residents’ entry.

The next West Side Board meeting will be held at the Seven Lakes West Community Center on June 27th at 7:00PM.