Lose Two Inches of Fat In 32 Minutes!

“Beautiful just got a lot easier!”

It’s difficult for many to find the right diet and exercise plan to shed and keep off the pounds.  If only there was a way to magically shed the fat.  Now there is!

Dr. Sharon Wright now offers a way to lose at least two inches of fat in one thirty-two minute visit – right here in Seven Lakes!

Dr. Wright was trained by the creator of UltraSlim to use the advanced technology.  With the UltraSlim machine, one can lose weight just by sitting under the special LED light of the UltraSlim machine.  Simply sit under the lights, and the fat reduces in just thirty-two minutes!

How does it work?

UltraSlim uses Red Light Therapy which penetrates up to three inches of fat.  It doesn’t destroy the fat cells, but instead releases fat from the cells.  The excess fat is removed from the body naturally through stool and urine, leaving the fat cells in a deflated state.

With other methods, such as liposuction, fat cells are removed and the skin is left drooping.  With UltraSlim, the skin keeps more of its form.

UltraSlim can be used anywhere on the body.  It has been used for face lifts, breast reductions, surgical effects, and more!

Is it safe?

UltraSlim was approved by the FDA back in September of 2016.  Patients lost an average of 3.5 inches from the first treatment during clinical trials.

Patients are guaranteed to lose at least two inches within their first treatment, or they’ll get their money back.

Dr. Wright has exclusivity to UltraSlim in this area, so be sure to call for a consultation!

But wait, there’s more!

Although UltraSlim is the newest addition to Dr. Wright’s services, other specialized services are available at Dr. Wright Chiropractic, including Pressure Wave Technology, Neurofeedback, Detox Foot Baths, and more!

Pressure Wave Technology is for those who suffer from pain that just won’t go away.  The technology was hand-made in Switzerland to give patients an option for pain other than surgery.

“Pressure Wave Technology accelerates the healing process in the body by stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue.  Strong energy pulses are applied to the affected area.  In many instances, Pressure Wave Technology is most effective in cases where the human has not been able to heal itself on its own.

“The beneficial effects of Pressure Wave Therapy are often experienced after only one or two treatments.  The therapy eliminates pain and restores full mobility, thus improving your quality of life.”

“I have suffered [from] chronic shoulder pain for more than twenty years…,” said a patient. “When Dr. Wright told me about the Pressure Wave Therapy, I was excited to give it a try.  I had tried everything I knew and just felt I would have to deal with the pain forever.  After receiving three treatments, my pain is practically gone!”

Dr. Wright’s Neurofeedback helps patients who suffer from ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, and more.

Neurofeedback targets energy frequencies in different lobes of the brain, bringing these frequencies into balance.  This improves multiple symptoms as well as improves overall quality of life.

Detox Foot Bath helps individuals to rid themselves of harmful toxins they have been exposed to.

Did you know the largest pores in the body are on the soles of your feet?

With Detox Foot Bath, a gentle current pulls toxins from the body and through the foot’s pores.

One patient grew up on a farm and had been exposed to farming chemicals that were trapped in fatty tissue in the body.

After a Detox Foot Bath session, the once clear foot bath water turned dark, and one could smell the chemicals that had been released from the body.

“It pulls from the liver [and] the kidneys,” Dr. Wright said.  “It’s house cleaning for the body.”

The Detox leaves one feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  It is also known for lightening up the face.

Dr. Wright’s goal is to help patients improve their quality of life and to use natural, holistic remedies.

“I want to help the body be stronger in its own life force,” she said.  “I want to help people get off of medication.”

For a consultation to see if you qualify for any of special services, call Dr. Sharon Wright at (910) 673-2225.  Dr. Wright Chiropractic is located at 4317 Seven Lakes Plaza in Seven Lakes.  Visit her website at http://www.wrightchiroclinic.com/.