You’re Invited to Play Bocce!

Ed Nuti has been a resident of Seven Lakes since 1997, but his interests differed from those who enjoy lake-related sports such as sailing and fishing.

Instead of trying to conform, Nuti decided to explore other local activities.  He found a sport that appealed to him and the locals.

For the past ten years, Nuti has been the President of the Bocce Club.

Bocce (bah-chee) is an Italian game involving strategy.  Teams consist of two players each, and each teammate stands at either end of a court.  A pallino, or target ball, is rolled into the center of the court.  Whichever team rolls their ball closest to the pallino wins a point.

With this method of playing, only four teams can play at a time – eight people total.  People were left on the sidelines waiting to participate in the next game.  Nuti knew there had to be a way to incorporate everyone at the same time.

“I want it to be fun,” he said.  “I can’t stand for people to be sitting on the side.”

It was then that Nuti invented Bocce Bash, similar to Bocce, but without teams.  Anyone can join in and play without waiting on teams.

“It’s a lot of fun and a lot of laughter.  Nobody’s a professional!” Nuti explained.

There are currently two Bocce courts named Stahl Memorial Court, in honor of a dear friend, and Les Sommers Court, named after a player who was instrumental in getting the court built.  One court is used for Bocce, and the other is used for Bocce Bash.

Bocce and Bocce Bash are played at the tennis courts by the Seven Lakes North Landowners Office.  The group meets every Monday and Friday night from 7:00PM – 9:00PM.  (Times change to 2:00PM-4:00PM during the winter months.)  All are invited to show up and participate!