Coffee Chicks Gather Supplies for Soldiers Overseas

A group of women known as the Coffee Chicks are now gathering supplies for the Military Missions in Action (MMIA).

The Coffee Chicks have been meeting weekly since the early 2000s to chat and enjoy fellowship.  At one point in time, the ladies even had their own t-shirts!

“We’re just a bunch of friends [who] met at Curves and such,” Barbara said.  “We’re just here for each other.”

“[My favorite part] is the support system,” group leader Dottie said.

The group meets every Wednesday at Subway to share books, gather items for MMIA, and connect.  Every week the Coffee Chicks expect anywhere from six to fourteen ladies.

“It’s just uplifting to be here,” Peggy said.

“[They’re] like mothers to me,” one Subway employee mentioned.

About six months ago, the Coffee Chicks reached out to Sandi Carl of the MMIA asking if they could help the cause by collecting items for soldiers who are overseas.  Every month the MMIA ships off about 100 boxes of supplies.

“These ladies are wonderful,” Sandi said.  “They fill our box up.”

A few months ago, the group was able to gather three large bags of supplies.  Once a month, Sandi makes a visit to pick up the supplies and take it back to the MMIA location for packaging and shipping as part of their Fill the Footlocker Program.

MMIA collects personal hygiene items, snacks, and movies to ship overseas.  Some specific items requested include jerky, trail mix, DVDs, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, sun block, razors, and more.

“This month we’re collecting batteries and chewing gum,” Barbara said.

The Coffee Chicks would like for Seven Lakes and surrounding communities to get involved in their effort to help the MMIA.  Donations may be dropped off with the Coffee Chicks at Subway in Seven Lakes on Wednesdays between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM.

MMIA is located in Southern Pines at 625 South Page Street.  For more information on MMIA or how to get involved, call 910-603-5999.