Support Dr. McKay’s Bike Ride – A Fight Against MS

(The following is an open letter from Dr. Pete McKay.)

Dear Friends,

Last year I know I went sort of “crazy” in my letter about my effort to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This is truly something I can get emotional about. The money raised does a lot to help those with MS. My wife, Mary, has been diagnosed with MS for the past 7 years. My grandfather had MS. My association with those with this disease is quite a part of my life. To support the effort to help those with Multiple Sclerosis, this year I plan to do all 3 rides for MS here in North Carolina: September 9th and 10th is the Historic New Bern Tour (150 miles), September 16th and 17th is the tour to Tanglewood-Cemons (90 miles), October 7th and 8th is the breakaway to the Beach – Sunset Beach (150 miles).

I have been riding all year to get my legs ready for these rides. I need you to help complete that effort by supporting me with your donations. Please help! Any and all is appreciated! Make your checks payable to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. You can return your donation tome in the addressed and stamped envelope enclosed. Or if you preer, you can donate online by following the link on our website at

Just to let you know how much this means to our family, our daughters, Megan and Kelly Godwin are currently on Bike the US for MS ride. They left on the TransAmerica Route from Yorktown, VA and are biking to San Francisco! 4000 miles in 6 days. See or on social media @biketheusforms for information on their journey.

Our youngest daughter, Kate, will ride with me in the Tour to Tanglewood. It is a family affair that we’re involved in personally and pursue with love and effort. Please help us help those with MS as we ride our miles for those who can’t

Thank you for your past contributions with my fundraising for MS and your continued support!

With much appreciation,

Dr. Pete McKay