$21,000 Raised for New Brush Truck at Eagle Springs from BBQ Fundraiser

Eagle Springs Fire Department

Fire Chief Mike St. Onge & Deputy Chief Matt Dawkins

On Saturday, November 4th the Eagle Springs Fire Department held a BBQ & Chicken Fundraiser and Auction to raise funds for their department.

“The whole community shows up for it,” Fire Chief Mike St. Onge said.

The fire station has been holding these fundraisers every year since 1952.

When the fire station first started, it did not receive any funding from the county.  Therefore, it was the community’s responsibility to raise funds to pay for necessary expenses.

“A lot [of them] had to buy their own gear,” Chief St. Onge said.  “People in the community didn’t want their stuff to burn.”

Darby Parsons, Courtney Welsh, Brianna Smith, & Josie Garner

Hundreds of community members passed through the fire station to enjoy a hot meal, bid on auction items, and listen to the Homeward Bound band.

The Fire Department was able to raise $21,000 from the event.  These funds will be used to purchase a new truck.

“We’re looking at purchasing a new brush truck in the next couple of months,” Chief St. Onge said.

The Eagle Springs Fire Department thanks the community for their continued support.

To learn more about the Eagle Springs Fire Department, call (910) 673-5673.  The Eagle Springs Fire Department is located at 1932 NC HWY 211 in Eagle Springs.


Laura & Matt Dawkins