Jewelry and Weapons Stolen from Seven Lakes Home

A home was broken into in Seven Lakes West.

It was reported that the perpetrator entered into the garage and used tools from the garage to break into the main house.

“They removed… jewelry, pills, and some weapons,” said Chief Deputy Frank Rodriguez.

Rodriguez explained that sometimes living within a gated community gives a false sense of security and that residents should take proper precautions to protect themselves and their valuables.

“We’d like to remind everybody that they keep no valuables in their vehicles and secure all locks, doors, etc.,” he said.

Unused medicine may be disposed of at drop boxes.  Unused weapons should be stored securely within a safe.

The Moore County Sheriff’s Office wants to work with residents to ensure safety in the community.

“It’s a partnership with you,” Chief Deputy Rodriguez said.  “If you see anything out of the ordinary, call.  It’s not imposing on us – we want to hear about it… Sometimes something as suspicious as vehicle… is a starting point for the rest of us.”

To report any suspicious activity, please call the Sheriff’s Department at (910) 947-2931.