Seasoned Carpenter Builds Decks & Docks Across Seven Lakes

Rick’s Home Improvement and Woodworking Business Builds on Community in Seven Lakes

With the coming of warmer weather and the increase of outdoor activity in the Seven Lakes area, there is a growing need for construction work in covering building of docks and home improvement.

Richard Clowser has been a member of the Seven Lakes Community for over 12 years.

In his appreciation for this community, Clowser has also found many clients who are seeking a contractor for having work done on their homes or outdoor structures. With Clowser’s experience and passion for woodworking the needs of the community and Rick’s Home Improvement and Woodworking Business became a perfect fit.

In working on docks, Clowser takes careful notice to sand down all sharp corners and edges on his work.

“No one wants to be worrying about sharp edges when they are trying to enjoy swimming or water activities by a dock, especially if they are with their kids,” he said.

Clowser works alongside the regulations to achieve permits and approval from the Architectural Review Board for all construction projects for his clients.

With his business, Clowser is looking forward to being able to extend his reach of clients to connect with people all over the Moore County.

From Southern Pines to West End, he offers a wide range of abilities to be able to assist in home improvements.

Clowser grew up being an active worker in a construction company and later on decided to branch out into his own business.

“It began when I was younger and just had some buddies who we all enjoyed doing construction work outside,” he said.

With a spirit of entrepreneurial ability to be able to connect and help homeowners build the projects they want, he feels a sense of satisfaction to be able to provide that to his fellow neighbors.

“Each client I have had has been kind and generous to give me overwhelming encouragement and affirmation on my work,” he said.

A wood carving from Rick’s side hobby.

With a variety of construction projects ranging from building docks to remodeling bathrooms in his 27 years of experience, Clowser also offers services that fall under the woodworking category.

With free estimations of all projects, Clowser likes connecting with clients face to face to be able to explain the design and understand the expectations of what the client wants.

There is not a minimum on the size of the projects Clowser will take on, yet he appreciates taking on projects that are important to the individual and their needs.

“I do take my time when working on these projects, I want my clients to know that they are receiving quality work,” he stated.

Along with the construction and remodeling Clowser does, he also does projects reflecting his experience on scroll saw work, which incorporates the usage of intricate detailing on pieces of wood that can be used as decorative work in the home.

“It originally began as a pastime I picked up doing in the evenings as a hobby, then it grew into something I could sell and now I have pieces that are hanging in homes all across the country,” Clowser said.

As a company, Clowser specifically appreciates the work he gets to do on building decks and docks for his clients.

“I like working outside and being able to help people make the outside of their house more enjoyable,” he said.

For more information or inquiries, Richard Clowser can be reached by text or call at (910) 528-0464. His hours of operation are from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.