Reaching One Million Kids on Tour

As technology evolves, more and more people are able to have unique jobs and earn a living doing things that never existed a hundred years ago. More individuals are striving to turn their passions and things most people would consider simply hobbies, into real careers. Moore County local Anthony McCauley and speaker Garry Carlson have done just that.

These two inspiring men are about to go on tour with a huge mission in mind. The goal of the tour is to impact 1,000,000 kids with a very valuable and impactful message of achievement. Anthony and Garry want to lay the foundation that will help students achieve their dreams and desires. The tour will give students a chance to clarify their thoughts, feelings, and motivation which will in turn, empower and facilitate insight. They will spend the next few months speaking at different schools and changing the lives of our future thought leaders.

Think back and remember a teacher that has an impacted you. Take a moment to think of someone whose words changed you and encouraged you. Maybe someone’s kind words inhibited you from going down a dangerous path and you have them to thank for taking the time to care and impart wisdom. Anthony and Garry’s end goal for this tour to do this for many children.

“I always knew that I wanted to serve others in a capacity of motivating them to realize and reach their full potential,” Anthony said.  “I did know that I was destined to be on a platform of speaking for local and national audiences at a very early age, however this is the first time I have set my sights high and am taking the opportunity to go for it.”

A day in the life for Anthony is full of mentoring others, mainly in the capacity of those from ages 8 to 18 years old. He also serves by running the In School Mentoring Program with Moore Buddies Mentoring.

Garry Carlson, Anthony’s long time friend and mentor, also has a vision for Local and National Speaking platforms. He is bursting with excitement for what can take place with touring and being a part of the National Speakers Association. His goal is to share with High School students across the United States, how to prepare their life and themselves so they can see the results that will lead to deeper desires. ( And how to make school work fun again!)

These men got started by recognizing that the children of this generation have a greater need for encouragement and motivation. This realization opened their eyes to the importance of implementing more goal setting among our youth. All individuals need goals in order to push themselves. Even if the exact goal is not met, change is made and that is where growth happens. The uniqueness of this business is the facilitation of research it takes to prepare and the courage to speak from the heart on issues that will improve a person’s overall well-being. Thank you to community members like Anthony and Garry for serving the Seven Lakes area, and beyond, by imparting experience, strength, and hope for a better future to our youth population!