Sheriff’s Office Significantly Increases Animal Services Adoption Rate

Photos taken by Kathryn Miller.

“Our mission, what we want for this facility so residents of Moore County can be proud of shelter,” Lieutenant Kirk said.

When the Sheriff’s Office first took control of the center, it had an adoption rate that was around 50%.  However, as of summer of 2018, the adoption rate has significantly increased to about 80%.

Clean Facility

The increase in adoption rates is thanks to Administrative Assistant Octavious Woods who has been building relationships with multiple 501c3 rescue organizations.

At times, Octavious will organize the transportation of about 70 animals.  He will arrange for personnel to meet the rescue organization halfway to drop off the animals.

Animal Services is currently working with more than 60 rescue organizations, most of which are in the northeast such as Washington, D.C., Connecticut, and New York.  These northern areas have a shortage of domestic animals due to strict spay/neuter laws.

Another major change in the center is that it runs 100% off of donated dog and cat food.

“PetSmart in Aberdeen has been an absolute partner of ours,” Lieutenant Kirk said.

The “Catio”

As shoppers are checking out, PetSmart has been asking if they would like to purchase a can of food for Moore County Animal Services.

“In two months we got about 7,000 cans of cat food,” Lieutenant Kirk said.  “We would like to give a big thank you out to PetSmart and resident shoppers who purchased cat food for us.”

In addition to helping support Animal Services, PetSmart also allows them to come and set up the animal trailer at anytime in their parking lot.  They also help through grants, donations,  and PetSmart charities.

“Tens and thousands of dollars come to us through PetSmart,” Lieutenant Kirk said.

It is also said that Animal Services has improved with cleaner facilities, professional and well-educated staff, and media outreach.

Outdoor Lounge Area by the Catio

“One of the best compliments we have received is when we had personnel from a shelter outside of Moore County come here to see what we had done and where we are today,” Lieutenant Kirk said.

The Sheriff’s Office has also made it easier for locals to get the pet they have always wanted.

“[At times] we have reduced adoption rates,” Veterinary Technician Marissa Alford said.  “We do whatever we can to get animals to a good home with a good outcome.”

“At times we waive the adoption fee,” Lieutenant Kirk added.  “There is a follow-up with every animal out of here.”

Animal Services is the only open-admission adoption center in the county.  They take in any domestic animal except for wildlife.

Horse Shed

In addition to dogs and cats, they now have space for animals such as horses, ducks, roosters, pigs, ferrets, and other animals.  Keith Hardware in Carthage donated the pig pen.

An inmate who was helping at the shelter happened to have a background in carpentry and helped to build a horse shed – at no extra cost to tax payers.  Locus Lumber donated the material for the shed.

Other new additions to the center include a brick walkway that has recycled bricks from the old courthouse and a catio that allows cats to enjoy playtime in the sun.

On August 18th, Animal Services will have their biggest promotion day of the year.  WRAL will be coming down to Animal Services in Carthage to have a live feed of animals being adopted.  All adoption fees will be waived at the facility from 10:00AM – 5:00PM.

Animal Services is located at 5235 Hwy 15-501 in Carthage.  Their hours are from 10:00AM – 4:00PM Monday – Friday and 10:00AM – 2:00PM on Saturday.

Be sure to visit their Facebook page at or give them a call at (910) 947-2858.