Join The Seven Lakes Women’s Golf Association

The Seven Lakes Women’s Golf Association recently kicked off its 2019 season. The league plays on Tuesday mornings from February through November. Twenty-two attended, including female golfers eager to join a league.

Susan Clark, serving as president this year, welcomed guests and introduced officers and committee chairs. She noted that at the end of its 2018 season, the members voted to open membership to non-Seven Lakes Golf Club members. “The results have been better than anticipated,” she said. “We were able to retain three members who changed plans with the club and we’ve already gained eleven new members. Two more will join when they return to the area in April.”

Membership Chair Charlotte Kennedy led a member orientation on the league’s history, its constitution and bylaws, the play day schedule, as well as games and opportunities to participate and earn awards. Player handicaps range from the teens through a max of 40. The weekly games include both individual and team play.

As the league transitions to open membership, Clark hopes to continue growing and transforming the SLWGA into an inclusive group that welcomes all new members and urges them to participate in all aspects of the league.

“I am confident that our new members will bring many benefits to our organization, as well as stimulate competition, community and FUN,” she said.

Female golfers interested in joining the league are encouraged to contact the Seven Lakes Golf Club pro shop at 910-673-4653. Membership Chair Charlotte Kennedy will provide information and answer any questions.