Unique Strength & Performance Training at Carolina Barbell Gym

Carolina Barbell Strength and Performance Gym, one of the latest additions to downtown Aberdeen, opened its doors in December of 2018. Owners Kirsten and Pete Ostby wanted to open a facility that caters to individuals looking to enhance their athletic performance through strength training.

“We’ve been all over the country and done a lot,” said Kirsten. “This is our next venture.”

Pete and Kirsten have lived in the Moore County area for five years, and made the move to Seven Lakes with their children three years ago.

Kirsten and Pete were unable to find a gym that offered the kind of experience that they were looking for. They made the decision to open their own facility in hopes of providing others with a place to obtain a strength-based workout without having to travel too far from the area.

“We wanted to give people a place to go where they could see results while also experiencing something new,” said Kirsten.

Carolina Barbell Strength and Performance Gym places an emphasis on strength-based training and activities such as strongman training, athletics, and weight lifting.

Carolina Barbell offers unique equipment including a Húsafell stone, kegs, competition platforms, Atlas stones, Olympic equipment, and other pieces geared specifically for bodybuilding.

“Our equipment sets us apart,” said Kirsten. “You won’t find it at most other gyms. We have pieces that many people have never even heard of before.”

Additionally, owner and veteran Pete Ostby offers fitness training to small, personal groups of gym members. Team sessions help create a drive for improvement and encourage good sportsmanship.

“We have group training sessions on Saturdays for all members of the gym. Members participate in circuit training and can be instructed on how to properly use the equipment,” Kirsten stated. “Group sessions have the potential to make fitness fun and educational at the same time.”

Kirsten also expressed interest in hosting an event during Aberdeen’s upcoming Spring Spree this upcoming May.

“One of our goals is to eventually hold events, meets, and competitions, either here or in collaboration with other fitness centers,” said Kirsten. “We want to work towards promoting strength and athleticism while having fun with others.”

Carolina Barbell Strength & Performance Gym is located at 105 E South St. Aberdeen, NC, next to the Railhouse Brewery. They offer 24-hour access for gym members. For more information about Carolina Barbell Strength & Performance Gym, email CarolinaBarbellGym@gmail.com or find Carolina Barbell Gym on Facebook and Instagram.