Seven Lakes West Jack Lattin Resigns From Board President Position

An announcement was sent out the morning of August 31st stating that the Seven Lakes West Board has a new president and vice president. Jack Lattin and Parks Cobb have stepped down from their roles as president and vice president.

Will Carpenter, former Communications Director, is now the Board President with Duane Coppeler as the Board Vice President.  Mercedes Herdrich is now the Board Secretary. Parks Cobb remains as the Infrastructure Director.

At the last board meeting conducted by Jack Lattin on August 22, over 200 West Side residents attended the meeting at the Seven Lakes West Community Center.

During the member comments, a previous board member approached the Board in regard to the contract that had been signed in regard to rentals at Beacon Ridge.  When Raymond Oudong purchased the Country Club, he also purchased additional land for the purpose of building short-term rental homes.

This contract confirmed that short-term renters would be allowed at Beacon Ridge as a part of golf package deals.  Tenants would be able to stay for less than thirty days – the minimal rental period for West Side homes.  Because these renters are not community residents, they would not be allowed to use West Side amenities other than those provided at Beacon Ridge.

The speaker explained that the Board signed the document without properly informing the community – going against community standards.

“Short-term tenants will not take the time to learn the rules and regulations,” said a woman who lives off of Hole-8 on the course.  “[There will be] more traffic and litter cleanup. [Non-members] will not take care of the community like we do, and we will pay the cost.”

A prior legal director then made his statement to the Board, saying that he would be present when the Board “[tried] to say procedure was followed.”

The Board explained that contract made with Beacon Ridge was read during a meeting back in September of 2016 – six months before the contract was given to Raymond Oudong in March.  They explained that the community had the opportunity during this time to speak up regarding the contract.

A resident expressed that it was not the transaction that frustrated the community, but rather the “disfavor of [their] approach.”

“The covenants need to be voted upon…,” he said.  “Consider making it significant interest and go forward… Mr. [Oudong] is a reasonable man.  We’re his clients.  He may modify some of those things.”

Jack Lattin explained that he had followed protocol in notifying the community, including passing a motion, opening discussion regarding the contract, and publishing the results.

“I believe we did what we were supposed to do,” Lattin said.

According to Lattin, the agreement was signed in an effort to help the new owner of Beacon Ridge have a good start with the country club – benefitting the community in the process.

The contract, originally signed with the Billings (the previous owners of Beacon Ridge), must be signed by Oudong before homes are constructed.  According to Beacon Ridge Golf Instructor, Mike Passmore, rental homes will not be built anytime soon.

Before The Villas at Beacon Ridge were privately owned, they, too, were used for short-term golf package rentals according to Community Manager Jeanette Mendence.

An investigation is currently underway, at the request of residents, to verify whether or not regulations had been breached in the signing of the agreement.

The next Seven Lakes West Board Meeting will take place on September 26th at 7:00PM at the Seven Lakes West Community Center.  Due to the change in Board positions, the Town Hall meeting that was to take place on September 11th is now postponed.

To get in touch with the Seven Lakes West Board, contact President Will Carpenter, at