Preplanning & Personalization at Boles Funeral

Since 1984, Boles Funeral Home & Crematory has been serving the community diligently, helping families to give “a proper goodbye” to loved ones.

Emily Boles, Director of Marketing, has been working with Boles Funeral since 2008 and is adamant about being there for the families – before and after a funeral.

“We want to make it as easy as possible,” she said.  “We’re always available; we’re on-call 24/7… We’re always going to be there for you before, during, and after service.  It’s not a nine-to-five job.”

Boles Funeral actively keeps in touch with clients through community outreaches.  Emily organizes lunches at Golden Corral for about sixty widows and widowers every month, providing them with speakers and activities.  One meeting included members of the Southern Pines Police Department giving a presentation on fraud prevention.

“It sets us apart from other funeral homes,” Emily explained.

Another unique trait of Boles Funeral that sets them apart is their personalization skills.  Employees take the time to meet with the family and know the loved one through them.  They then create a personalized service for the family and guests – at no extra charge.

“We personalize everything.  It’s not just a typical funeral,” Emily said.  “It makes the world of a difference… understanding and trying to get a feel for who that person was.”

One individual was into gardening as a hobby and Boles was able to provide individual seed packets for guests to “Plant in memory of” the individual.

“It made such a difference…,” she said.  “Personalization is key.”

One thing that Boles Funeral encourages is preplanning.  While it can be a difficult conversation, preplanning can make stressful situations easier for loved ones.

“A lot of people don’t want to talk about it…,” Emily said.  “It should be a conversation.”

Boles Funeral provides folders with simple forms that outline what an individual’s wishes are.

“It’s just to write out wishes.  It takes the burden off the family,” Emily explained.

Filling out such forms notifies the funeral home of what steps need to be taken, taking the stress of decision-making from family members.

With the Boles Funeral location in Seven Lakes, locals can call to set up an appointment and go on-site to view and discuss options.  The Seven Lakes location is set up identically to the Southern Pines office, providing all of the same options.  Funeral directors may meet with clients at their homes with catalogs for those who wish to go over options in a more comfortable environment.

Emily Boles is also Manager of Good Shepherd in West End.  Good Shepherd was founded by Jamie Boles in 1994 after he was approached for funeral services for an animal.

“Good Shepherd started from the ground up,” Emily explained.

Good Shepherd provides an on-site cemetery and crematory.  It features a memorial garden and walls listing the name of every pet served.  Families are also invited to bring their pets to be prayed for by Father Randy Foster of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Southern Pines.

Last year alone, Good Shepherd served over 450 families.

To learn more about Good Shepherd, call (910) 673-2200 or visit  Like their Facebook page at

To learn more about Boles Funeral Home & Crematory, call (910) 692-6262 or visit  Like their Facebook page at   Be sure to ask about meeting at the Seven Lakes location.  The main office is located in Southern Pines at 425 West Pennsylvania Avenue.