How do you gain the energy and desires that will direct your mindset towards your goals, or just improve your personal interests? Through MOTIVATION!

Motivation is the reason many individuals achieve dreams and act in a certain way. In many cases we all have found ourselves dealing with constellations of closely related faith, awareness, worth, curiosity, and the process of doing something or wanting to do something that typically leads us to obtaining an aim. Motivation is a very important skill set that opens many doors of personal power. Motivation can and will enhance the attributes that moves us to do something. Motivation can turn negative if not careful, leading to no motivation at all. The negative aspect of no motivation will lead to making excuses, avoiding a challenge, not trying, procrastination, all this leads to an attempt of getting around something negative towards a task that you are not confident in performing.

The right attitude of motivation will move you to do something to achieve personal growth. From my standpoint, I have always had a sense that motivation is within my control, and in my personal life my motivation is entirely managed by having a positive outlook.

Motivation is generally recognized by two major types: Intrinsic and Extrinsic. In the study of Psychology I have learned the desire to do or achieve something because you truly want to, and you actually take pleasure of seeing the value of doing so is Intrinsic Motivation. Going through the motions of doing or achieving something for enjoyment of the thing itself, but only because doing it leads to a certain result is Extrinsic Motivation. So I pose this question. Is your motivation divided between what you know is true motivation or “engagement,” or do you simply want to hold attention going through the motions of gaining the promised reward?

My motivation has been drawn in at times by extrinsic motivational rewards, finding myself only going through different processes of achieving goals until that process allowed me to see the intrinsic value of my motivation. I want you to keep in mind that motivation is sometimes difficult to determine. Motivation is the “Why”. Why does anyone of us do the things that we do? I have listened to many speakers who attribute their entire careers to intrinsic motivation.

Motivation can be defined in many different ways and the challenges of motivation can be addressed from many different angles.

There are numerous fundamentals of motivation and motivational techniques. I have been given a very powerful desire to grow, do more, achieve more, and work towards making my dreams come true. Turning my imaginations into reality is the motivation that allows me to adopt new habits of positive thinking, being more considerate of others, as well as serving others. Through motivation I have gained a stronger perspective of developing inner strength and self-discipline in this very difficult time of living. Different personalities that I encounter motivates me not to lose hope no matter how bleak things may look.

In conclusion I would like for you to know that your motivation should be fueled with positive thoughts that will only yield positive results. You may feel at times you are not in position to speak motivational affirmations over yourself, it’s never too late to start. And you can still achieve success. Motivation is the situation that leads to gratification. Be motivated and believe that you can, and you will find that you are half way there! Stop waiting for things to happen, go out and make it happen!


Author Anthony B. McCauley