Should Seven Lakes North Continue Hosting The Annual Open Swim Event?

The following press release was submitted by Steve Hudson of the Seven Lakes North & South Board.
To Seven Lakes North & South Landowners:
On Thursday, October the 11th at 7 PM will be an open board meeting.  A discussion item will be the future of the open swim event.  
If you are for it or against it, please come and let the board know your opinion.  
Some things to consider:
  • Our security gate is open to anyone who drives up and says they’re here for the event. The rest of us have to call people in.  
  • The two swim events allow people to park in the soccer field and at the pasture area at the stables.  This tears up our grass and in the case of the stables, we must purchase extra hay for the horses.  
  • The Echo dam is closed to all traffic and the lake can not used by landowners.  
  • We must do 25 MPH, yet these people are constantly speeding on our roads.  
  • The people coming in are from out of town and out  of state.  This is not a community event!  
If you feel that we are being used by this group of people, then please come to the board meeting and voice your opinion.  As you can tell, I’m not in favor of continuing this event.
Thank you,
Steve Hudson
Director of Security