See 30+ Vendors At Unique Beer Memorabilia Event!

This Saturday, November 10th, join Hugger Mugger in Sanford for their first Beer Memorabilia Event!

Hugger Mugger owners Tim Emmert and David McComas are excited to have over 30 vendors from across the United States attending the event.

Clubs are also meeting from Richmond, Virginia and Atlanda, Georgia, using the brewery as a midpoint.

“It’s a nice event for the Sandhills region,” Tim said.  “We have a number of breweries up here now.”

Local beer memorabilia collector, Jim Romine, has been traveling across the United States to hunt down unique items.  During his travels, he has met multiple vendors, some of which will be attending the event.

“It’s quite an event,” Tim said.  “They are experts in their field and have some unusual things to put out and talk about.”

Vendors will be showing their collections as well as trading and selling.

“They’re a very laid back group.  They want to see what other people have.  They’re interested in what’s out there,” Tim said.  “It’s a nice chance to kind of get in touch with the history of what we’re doing.”

The event will take place from 8:00AM – 2:00PM at Hugger Mugger at 229 Wicker St. in Sanford.  Bamboo Cookhouse food truck will be attending the event.