Haiden’s Law

Today, Senator McInnis (R-Richmond) will file a bill titled Haiden’s Law. This bill expands the list of persons who determine when a dog is a “potentially dangerous dog” and expands the scope of the penalty imposed on the owner of a dangerous dog that attacks a person.

“As an animal lover and dog owner, I am well aware of the responsibility I have to maintain the custody and control of my animal. When I heard of the brutal attack by two dogs on 6-year-old Haidan Prevatte, I was greatly disturbed to find that there are no penalties to owners who are negligent in controlling their pets” Said McInnis. “SB482 establishes a significant penalty for anyone whose animal viciously attacks and harms another person. This law will not bring relief to Haiden or others who have already been seriously injured or killed by vicious animals not properly maintained, but hopefully it will bring about a greater sense of responsibility by owners and help to prevent such devastating incidences from happening in the future.”