Kiwanis Learns about Authors In Moore Schools (AIMS)

Angie Tally shared her experiences with working with children to inspire them to read and appreciate books.  Angie initially worked as a third grade teacher and school counselor at the Episcopal Day School for 10 years before joining the staff of the Country Bookshop as Education Director where she has been for the last 15 years.  She is the resident children’s book expert.  Angie works to bring authors to schools, enjoys story time with preschoolers on Fridays and spends most of her free time discovering the perfect new books for the children’s department.  She is an admirer of quality writing and enjoys literary fiction.   Angie created the AIMS program when she discovered the power of bringing an author into the schools.  The children engaged with the authors and became excited about reading and books.  To date she has brought authors into every Moore County elementary and middle school and is also bringing authors into schools in adjacent counties. AIMS is an amazing program!  Angie Tally has been referred to as “A Superstar for literacy.”   She is the Director of AIMS (Authors In Moore Schools) Program.