Cornerstone Kids Give Big

The following article was written and submitted by Richard Brigman.

In this day and age it is hard sometimes to see good, but there is good out there.  Take for instance the kids at Cornerstone Baptist church in West End.  They decided to take up and collect money to give to the Girls camp Camp Duncan in Aberdeen to help with some of their needs.

Now we are not a huge church and there are only 10 to 12 children that come to our church but they always show that it doesn’t take large numbers to do good works.  Their ages range from 5 to 16.  These kids decided to do 2 groups and make it a competition just for fun to see who could collect the most money.  They were all given a bottle to take home and collect the money mostly change.  We did this for a whole month and then counted the money together and had our preacher take it to the credit union to use their money counter to see how close we were.

During the month these kids amazed me, some went to their grandparents and parents and asked for their spare change to contribute, while others got their own piggy banks out and emptied them into their bottles to bring to church to give to this worthy cause.  These kids really showed how generous they could be to try to help others in need.  These kids truly are our future and we are so very Proud of them.

Winning Team, the ones that collected the most were… (cause really all of these kids are winners!)

Team1- Garner Thomas, Maddy Davis, Gracelyn Sheffield, Haileigh Deese, Brooke Deese presenting the check to Camp Duncan.Team 2 – Olivia Thomas, Ryan Brigman, Abby Davis, Wyatt Davis