Serious Training Available at Seven Lakes Kennels

Seven Lakes Kennels has been serving pet owners and pets alike since it was founded twenty-two years ago in 1997. After being purchased by veteran and dog trainer Neil Copeland in October of 2018, Seven Lakes Kennels has recently welcomed the latest addition to their team, Lindsey Dixon.

Dixon and Copeland previously worked together for four years within a program that specialized in training canines for bomb detection. Thanks to Dixon’s contributions, Seven Lakes Kennels will begin offering various detection training services, such as subsurface oil, narcotics, and explosives, to local law enforcement and agencies around the country.

Previously, Dixon worked with the British Army and the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. She has since relocated to the Sandhills. She is providing the area with not only her expertise in dog training, but with her wonderful customer service and pride in her new community, as well.

“She’s going to be a great addition. I have faith and trust in her ability perform well here and help the place grow,” commented Neil Copeland. “Hopefully customers now and in the future will have the opportunity to meet her.”

In addition to its latest member of the team, Seven Lakes Kennels will continue to offer its core services. Seven Lakes Kennels currently offers pet daycare, grooming, boarding, and obedience training year-round. Boarding is available for an expansive variety of pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, critters, birds, and more.

One of the most beneficial services offered by Seven Lakes Kennels, however, is the obedience training program.

“There is a huge benefit in having your dog trained,” explained Copeland. “Training strengthens the bond between the owner and the dog. Everyone wants to have a great relationship with their pet.”

Both the board-and-train and the individual lessons are available at the facility. Copeland is firm in the belief that training improves the bond between the pet owner and the pet by making it easier to walk, play with, and understand your pet. Copeland has confidence in the fact that the ideal relationship is found in a balance of both control and fun.

“We’ve been dedicated to animals for so many years, training and understanding animals in different environments,” explained Copeland. “We set ourselves apart as professionals in the level of care and treatment that we provide the animals through experience in the Army and government contracting. I’ve dedicated a majority of my life to this.”

Copeland and Dixon both look forward to engaging further with the community and providing it with new services.

“We’re a pets-first, community-first facility. We are all about our community, and not only being in the community, but actually being part of the community. That’s what we strive for,” Copeland concluded.

Seven Lakes Kennels is located at 347 McDougal Drive, West End, North Carolina. For more information, please call the facility at 910-673-2060 or visit the website online at