Come By To See The Reinhardt Lights!

Bob and Edie Reinhardt used to live on Firetree in Seven Lakes North where it was tradition for Bob to put up a light display every winter.

“So many people came by,” Edie said. “They slowed down looking for the lights.”

Bob moved to Seven Lakes with is wife, Edie, in 2005, but his luminous hobby began long before then.

“He’s been doing the Christmas lights since we’ve been married, and we’ve been married for over 50 years,” Edie said. “Every year he kind of adds more to it.”

This year the display will be on the South Side located at 110 Harwich Ct. The couple moved to the South Side to their custom-designed dream home which was previously an empty lot.

Bob started working on his lights in mid-November, and he already has lights along the sidewalk, on the frame of the house, around trees, on wreaths on the door, and on their wishing well.

“He works on it every day,” Edie said. “We used to have people come by every night just to see what we added.”

It’s hard to tell exactly when the project will be complete. Not only is Bob working on it on his own, but he is also one to ensure the lights are as grand as can be.

“He will work on it until he’s happy with it or runs out of lights, and he’s got thousands of lights,” Edie said.

Residents of Seven Lakes North & South are welcome to visit the lights at 110 Harwich Ct. in Seven Lakes South.