Country Events “Sicken” Sheriff Ronnie Fields

As your Sheriff, it remains my honor to serve you all. The events that have occurred across our country over the last two weeks concern me greatly. And sicken me!

The actions of the rogue police officers on the scene in Minnesota were unnecessary, unwarranted, and criminal.

I pray that justice will be served, and the Floyd family will find peace. They are in my prayers.

This weekend, we are honored to assist the Hoke County Sheriff’s Office as they serve the Floyd family with the memorial services on Saturday. Our office was asked by Hoke Sheriff Hubert Peterkin to supply deputies to be part of the site security at the event.

We are happy to help our neighbors in any way possible. The men and women of the Moore County Sheriff’s Office are committed to public service in all that we do.

As many of you know, I was born and raised in Moore County having grown up in Carthage.

I have lived almost my entire life here.

I do not think that there has ever been a time in my life where I was prouder to be from Moore County than today.

Over the last two days, our citizens have organized and participated in events where their First Amendment rights were recognized and supported.

A large group gathered in Southern Pines on Wednesday evening to express their concerns and then yesterday, the largest mobile parade of expression in our history started in Southern Pines, wound through Aberdeen and Pinehurst, concluding back in Southern Pines. Both events attended by hundreds of people. Both events comprised of concerned and caring citizens.

Both events totally peaceful! What a tribute by the people of Moore County.
I am so proud to call this place home!

The police departments of Southern Pines, Aberdeen, and Pinehurst did a great job with these events and I’m very proud to partner with each of these and other municipalities in Moore County in an effort to provide safety and service to our county.

The actions of the thousands of people across the country who have chosen violence as a means of their expression of frustration concerns me equally.
Please know that should the criminal element appear in Moore County, the members of the Moore County Sheriff’s Office will be here to protect and serve you, our citizens.

I ask that you all continue to be active in our community. If you have any information about possible criminal action or ill intent, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 910-947-2931.

In an effort to better serve you, next week we will be reaching out to our county’s citizens seeking volunteers to serve on an advisory committee that reports directly to me with any matters of community concern.

My plan is for this group to be my eyes and ears across Moore County.
This is our home! Let us all do our best to take care of it!


Sheriff Ronnie Fields