Suggestions For A Happy Life

Photo by Miranda Kaitlin Randall

Here’s a great formula for a happy life. Have the good fortune to be born in Concord, NC, meet your future spouse in high school, attend Appalachian State together, and then, and then…. move to Seven Lakes, stay in one place forever and … that’s it!!

Ann and Buddy Spong bought a first house in Boone directly out of college, but in 1975 they relocated to Moore County. Buddy worked at Sandhills Community College and Ann taught elementary in various schools, including the last years of classes at the old West End campus. Anne clearly remembers there was no air conditioning in any classes. Between the two, they seem to know everyone and their kids, and now some grandchildren lucky enough to be a part of Seven Lakes.

When they came in 1975 there were only 12 families here of which 7 of them were salespeople for Longleaf. The median age at that time was perhaps 30, and most residents were teachers. There were just a total of 30 homes in 1975, of which half were summer homes for the big city visitors. There were no paved roads, no street signs. Every time a new family would start a home, power would have to be fed and roads pushed thru and Don Thomas would put in a new driveway. Don Thomas would also man the front gate, bring fresh produce and occasionally plow if there was snow. Buddy remembers Joe Klein would BBQ every weekend. To say Seven Lakes was an intimate community is an understatement.

Their son, Alex and daughter, Angela were born here. Alex currently works for Disney – Animal Kingdom, and Angela landed in Chapel Hill with a UNC Law degree and the Spong grandchild.

Ann and Buddy were charter members of the Yellow Rockers square dancers. They were original members of the Fire Department and rescue squad in the late ‘70s. Buddy still remembers the first ambulance purchased for about $35,000 partly thru fundraisers such as our local phone book. They were also ardent members and workers of the American Red Cross. Kiwanas, and United Way both benefit from the Spong touch. Travel keeps them interested in the world beyond the gates. They have gone west as far as Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Japan, and east to Boston, and various countries of Europe.

Staying grounded, knowing ALL your neighbors, and your neighbor’s neighbors and kids, having a faith family, enjoying work you love, investing in your local community management in many ways, and giving back to your community. Simple

Buddy has thought about Seven Lakes’ changing character over the years. In the beginning it was young families. Around the mid 1980’s was an influx of retirees and now again from 2000 he sees a lot more young families again on both the North and South sides. They want to see more recreation to keep kids occupied and productive. They also feel the need for more enforcement and the big one… how about those speed bumps. Living on Firetree Lane they are very aware of traffic infractions and anticipate a quiet retirement once those speed bumps are installed.