Too Much Holiday Clutter? Consider Donating Unwanted Items!

The season of giving may technically be over, but giving back to the community doesn’t have to stop when the holidays wind down.

This year, consider donating old toys that may have been upgraded over the holidays to local organizations that could make use of them.

Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills in Aberdeen is an excellent place to start. Since its founding in 1988, the Sandhills Habitat for Humanity has helped over 300 families in Moore and Richmond Counties.

“Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills is part of a global, nonprofit housing organization, founded on Christian principles with a vision to provide safe, decent and affordable housing in the Sandhills,” explains the Sandhills Habitat website.

The second-hand prices of Habitat for Humanity allow individuals to come and shop to find deals on clothing, furniture, toys, tools, and home goods. Profits from Habitat for Humanity go directly back into the community, typically helping families in need right here in Moore County.

Donating items—notably toys—to charitable organizations not only cuts back on waste, but allows the item to have a second chance in the hands of someone new who could potentially appreciate it. This is especially true for children’s items, as nicer toys may be harder to come by secondhand for children in more economically challenged areas.

“We are thankful to work in a community that is committed to helping each other succeed,” states the Sandhills Habitat site.

Donating toys (or any home goods) not only helps out local children, but puts the money back into the local economy. Habitat for Humanity works to create jobs, volunteer opportunities, and homes in the local area.

A toy-box clean out is an excellent opportunity to teach children about the spirit of giving. Allowing them to refresh their toy collection while also educating them on the value of charity is an easy-to-understand method of teaching children to be altruistic.

If you’d prefer to give to a more direct cause, local women’s shelters, social service programs, and non-profit organizations may be more than happy to accept donations of used toys. Churches and daycares may also accept toy donations. Keep an eye out for charities that offer tax deductions in exchange for your donations!

Feel free to divvy up your donations as you see fit and donate a portion to each organization; most organizations will be grateful no matter the donation size.  

For more information on Sandhills Habitat for Humanity, visit or call (910) 295-2798.