Available Childcare: Infant – 12 yrs.

For twenty years now, Danielle’s Playhouse has been helping the children of Moore County get a head start in life. Owner and founder Tammy Cole is dedicated to giving children the care and dedication that they deserve while their caregivers are away.

Danielle’s Playhouse, located in West End, is more than just a daycare. Instead, it is a care center for children that facilitates learning in a fun, positive, and healthy atmosphere. Children six weeks to twelve years are currently accepted.

“We are a learning facility in that we teach children basic skills they need to develop early on,” said owner Tammy Cole. “The children come first, and we want them to get a head start. We help them grow and want to see them do well in life.”

All adults present at Danielle’s Playhouse know first aid, are CPR certified, and are educated teachers. Each age group is monitored constantly by at least one teacher, with most age groups having two teachers and a helper present at all times.

“The kids need a high level of care to learn and develop so that they have a good foundation for school,” explained Tammy. “We help children get a good start, learning their letters, math, numbers, colors, and shapes. It makes the school experience easier for them.”  

Tammy’s goal is to make every child feel welcome, safe, and at home. In addition to educational resources, children are also provided with breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks.

Over the past year, all of Danielle’s Playhouse has been extremely COVID-conscious since the beginning of the pandemic. All learning areas are kept immaculately clean, and the facility even closes thirty minutes early for routine sanitizing.

“We are doing everything for the kids—they come first over everything,” said Tammy. “We’ve been extremely safe. Their health and wellbeing are more important than shopping, going out of town, or vacation.”

Tammy Cole has been in business for twenty years and located in West End for eight of those years. She got her start in the childcare industry thanks to the help of her mother and a spark of inspiration from her own daughter, Danielle. When forced to choose between her job and taking care of her daughter, Tammy chose her daughter.

“I was at home one afternoon talking with my mom and realized there was nothing I loved more than taking care of children,” Tammy recalled. “I wanted to care for other children as if they were my own, too. My mom helped me open up my own business right there in her own home.”

For years, Tammy and her mom worked side by side as partners. Danielle’s Playhouse—named for Tammy’s daughter—continued to develop over the years as the demand for childcare increased at a steady pace. What had started out as a daycare in her mother’s house blossomed into a full-time business, leading Tammy to expand to West End.

Today, Danielle’s Playhouse is currently licensed to care for seventy-five children, and the facility itself can manage sixty at one time. Tammy is thrilled to see children thriving in an environment she and her mother dreamed up years ago.

For more information on Danielle’s Playhouse, please call (910) 673-2273 or (910) 603-0470.