Summer Student Learning

Bridge Builders Learning Center has been helping students across Moore County since Fall 2020. Through these uncertain times, owner Tamara Lee, along with a team of dedicated former educators, have been ensuring students receive the education they deserve and the help they need.

“As soon as we begin working with students we determine where gaps are, work to clear up misunderstandings, and make connections between what students already know and what they are working towards,” explained Tamara Lee, owner and teacher at Bridge Builders Learning Center.

“We build bridges between the student and the curriculum, from assignment to assignment, from experience to new learning, and through our relationships with students.”

According to Tamara, students appreciate the specialized attention, the calm and pleasant workspace, and working with experienced teachers who help them accelerate their learning and make connections through the curriculum.

“They enjoy talking through assignments and asking questions, solving problems, and thinking and processing aloud in an encouraging, minimal stress environment,” explained Tamara. “We build a foundation of confidence in their ability to ask questions, apply what they learn, and continue the process both in and out of school.”

Bridge Builders Learning Center is staffed with NC Curriculum certified and experienced, retired teachers. The five teachers at Bridge Builders share over one hundred thirty combined years of teaching experience. Tamara herself has over thirty years of experience in Moore County Schools

“I get to continue putting my training and experience to work, helping smart young people learn and make connections, and I get to work with some amazing teachers who share those goals and value teaching and learning,” said Tamara.

The center first opened October 2020 to provide support to parents and students with curriculum and assignments. They additionally assisted former classroom colleagues by helping carry some of the load, answering questions and aiding students in moving ahead when it might be several days before they were back in class, or if they needed help during the day while their teachers were teaching face-to-face.

“Many students thrived in the less-structured environment, but many struggled with the demand for self-motivation and perseverance that COVID restrictions placed on them,” stated Tamara.

 Tamara found that many parents were overwhelmed with working full-time on top of tending to school assignments, emails, and inevitable technology issues, all while maintaining a home, their own relationships, and their own stresses and health during the pandemic.

“Parents have told me they most appreciate their children’s renewed confidence in their school subjects,” said Tamara. “They appreciate that with focused, dedicated, individual attention, their children are not only surviving changes brought on by the pandemic, but they are thriving and even excelling.”

This summer, Bridge builders will be offering Literature and Arts-based camps full of opportunities for creativity and self-directed, interest-based pursuits. Half-day summer enrichment camps will run June 21 through August 12, from 9am to noon. They are designed especially for ages 9-12, and will give rising 6th graders an excellent History and Geography background for the upcoming year and World History classes in the future.

For more information about Bridge Builders Learning Center, please call or text 910-690-7671 or email