Listing of SLLA & SLWLA Elected Officials

2021-2022 Cycle

Seven Lakes Land Association

Board of Directors:

* Steve Sikes, president

* Bruce Runyan, vice president

* Kim Dolittle, treasurer

* Jay Wareham, secretary

2021-2022 Committee Chairs:

* Danny Bowers, Security;

* Kim Doolittle, Finance;

* Tom Elliot, Facilities and Grounds;

* Michael Long, Recreation and Communication;

* Bruce Runyan, Lakes and Dams;

* Steve Sikes, Community Standards and Judicial;

* Jay Wareham, Architectural Review Board;

Seven Lakes West Land Association:

Board Members and Committee Liasons

* Pat Zlotin, president; Zlotin is liaison to the Leadership Support Committee.

* Todd Brown, vice president, Brown is liaison to the Long Range, Recruiting and Communications committees.

* Josh Davis, secretary; Davis is liaison to the dam and lake committees.

* Lois Ann Eisel, treasurer; Eisel is connected to the Finance, Insurance, Library and Infrastructure committees.

* Roberta Maness, director 1; Maness is liaison to the Safety and Security Committee.

* Tim Niewald, director 2; Niewald is liaison to the Architectural Review Committee.

* Jim Greaves, director 3; Greaves is liaison to the Information Technology and Legal Affairs committees.