A New Owner With A New Vision

Raymond Oudong

Beacon Ridge was purchased earlier this April by Mr. Raymond Ou (Oudong) of Beijing, China.  Ou first began golfing back in 1997, and hopes to improve the course at Beacon Ridge.

“It’s a good location here,” he said.

Ou came specifically to the United States is to follow his American Dream involving freedom and democracy.  Over a year ago Ou first began looking for a golf club to purchase.  He had ten agents scouting locations on the east coast, and he looked at about eighty golf clubs before choosing Beacon Ridge.

“North Carolina has friendly people, good education, and a good economic development,” he said.

Ou was born and raised in Beijing and worked for IBM after graduating from university.  He worked at IBM as a sales director for fifteen years with awards for having top sales and overachieving his targets.

Howard, Passmore, Oudong, and Kelly

In 2009, Ou left IBM and chose to focus on golf.  He became a consultant for a golf club in Singapore.

“[Golf promotes] positive thinking and good habits,” he said.

Ou hopes to set up a golf training program, bringing golfers from Southeast Asia as well as local Seven Lakes Community members to improve their skill levels.

He intends to make some improvements at Beacon Ridge including updating the restaurant, increasing the size of the golf course, moving the golf shop, and providing live entertainment for events.

Restaurant owner Andrew Kelly will be in charge of the restaurant at Beacon Ridge.  Kelly has opened two of his own restaurants and focuses on fresh ingredients.  The restaurant name will be changed to Raymond’s Restaurant and will offer quality menu items including Italian and Chinese meals.  There are plans to expand the kitchen and move the bar into the dining area.

Joan Passmore

“I hope to make the restaurant at Beacon Ridge something that we’re all proud of,” Kelly said.

Ou will create a more natural looking course by removing golf cart paths.  By removing the paths, the green will be increased by one thousand feet, creating a more pristine course.

The golf shop will be moved to the golf cart shed, providing food and drinks at the shop for the convenience of the golfers.  This will take place after the building is provided with a new roof.

“Customer satisfaction is our first priority,” he said.  “I have confidence to change current situation and meet customer requirements.”

Mike Passmore will be coming to Beacon Ridge to train golfers in their technique.  He has been a PGA member for the past thirty years and is coming from Myrtle Beach to train golfers.

Passmore’s wife, Joan, will provide live entertainment in the dining room, voicing a melody to the strums of her guitar.

Not only will club members be involved, but direct communication will be maintained with residents and landowners of Seven Lakes West.  The club will host birthday parties, weddings, and other events.  Ou open to hearing ideas as to how he and the club can better serve the community.

Raymond with Dining Guests

“It’s [the community’s] club also,” he said.

The younger generations will have a presence at the club through young golfer training, Junior Golf Tournaments, and part time student jobs.  Students will have an opportunity learn to become gentlemen and ladies as well as how to independently earn money.

“I will get more children golf training and provide training service to members of community,” he said.  “I would like to provide more job positions to children of community residents.  I think it’s my contribution to community.”

Ou has worked with children in Singapore when he held a Junior Golf Tournament.  In fact, he taught his own daughter how to play golf ten years ago when she was six years old.  He hopes to train top players to compete in the American Junior Golf Tournnament.

“I will help guide your children to become gentlemen and ladies,” he said.

Ou intends to keep the current staff at Beacon Ridge as well as hire more staff to maintain the golf course.

He is currently renting a home in Seven Lakes West and is interested in purchasing property in the community.  Raymond Ou hopes to become more than just the owner of Beacon Ridge – he hopes to become a part of the community.

“I hope I will run successful career at Beacon Ridge Golf Club,” he said.