Local Residents Aim To Build Eagle Springs Community Center

On Saturday, September 16th, the Concerned Citizens For Community Action (CCFCA) held a black-tie event at Memory Lane in Aberdeen.

“[CCFCA] is a non-political, non-profit diversified community organization [founded by Mr. Isaac Jenkins in December of 2016.  Their] mission is to educate, inspire, and unite our youth beginning with the most disadvantaged groups.  [Their] purpose is to bring programs and service into the communities and address the quality of life residents are facing.”

Isaac Jenkins

CCFCA is currently working towards building a community center in Eagle Springs near HWY 211 and HWY 705.

At the event, Jenkins explained to the community his goal of providing a greater connection between citizens and their leaders.

“[The community is] lacking in leadership,” he said.  “Leadership is what we are going to provide… We want our own community center.”

“Sometimes, [as a community,] our voice gets lost,” his daughter commented.

Former NFL player Cameron Thomas is one of the co-founders of CCFCA.  While he could not attend the event, he called in to speak to those who attended.  He is a 2005 graduate of North Moore High School.

Jenkins also has support from his family.

“We are 100% behind him,” said his sister, Mary Dunlap, who attended with her daughter, Tasha.  Dunlap plans to do something in the area for women after her retirement in March.

Jenkins also has the support of Commissioner Louis Gregory and North Carolina Representative Jamie Boles Jr.

Louis Gregory

“You have among you some leaders that truly care about what you’re trying to accomplish,” Gregory said.  “In order for us to succeed, we have to work together.”

“It’s an honor to be here tonight,” Boles said.  “I hope to come back when [these] things are accomplished.”

Also attending the event was Pat Corso – Executive Director of Partners in Progress and chairman of the local Boys and Girls Club.

“I believe you can fulfill your vision,” Corso said.

The speakers encouraged the community to call upon local leaders, such as the Eagle Springs Firefighters, for help in more immediate situations.

Eagle Springs Fire Chief Mike St. Onge encouraged the CCFCA organization and local citizens.

“Isaac Jenkins is the most inspirational man I’ve ever met,” he said.  “If you’re passing through or live in Eagle Springs and need help, don’t hesitate to call us.”

The purpose of the event was to award fifteen individuals who have made a positive impact on the community.

Awards were presented to Reverend Lillian Kearns, Tiwana Brown, Reverend Jeff Person, Reverend Tyrone Rigsby, Elder Janice B. Martin, Representative Jamie L. Boles Jr., Commissioner Louis Gregory, Desmon Deon Allbrooks, Deacon Felton Gillespie, Bishop Rickey Smith, Mikayla Raines, James Jimmy Gillespie, Milton Person, Roland Gillespie, Nathanial Jackson, and Earnest McRae.

CCFCA invites the community to attend their weekly meetings.  Meetings take place Mondays at 6:00PM at the Restoring Hope and Deliverance Bible Church of God, Inc. in Seven Lakes Plaza across from First Bank.  For more information, contact Isaac Jenkins at (910) 474-2589.

Christy Brooks

April Raines

Mary Dunlap and her daughter, Tasha

Earnest McRae and Isaac Jenkins

Pat Corso and Jamie Boles Jr.

Isaac Jenkins

Louis Gregory

Louis Gregory

Jamie Boles Jr.

Pat Corso

Tiwana Brown and Isaac Jenkins

Reverend Jeff Person and Isaac Jenkins

Reverend Dr. Tyrone Rigsby

Elder Janice Martin

Elder Janice Martin

Jamie Boles Jr. and Isaac Jenkins

Louis Gregory and Isaac Jenkins

Louis Gregory

Desman Allbrooks and Isaac Jenkins

Deacon James Felton Gillespie and Isaac Jenkins

Bishop Ricky Smith and Isaac Jenkins

Mikayla Raines

Mikayla Raines and Isaac Jenkins

April Raines and Isaac Jenkins