Eagle Springs Role Model Serving Smiles In Seven Lakes

Alexandria (Ali) Brigman began her first job at McDonald’s in Seven Lakes in early September.  Since starting her position, her bright, positive attitude has grown to be contagious throughout the community.

“It’s her first month, and she’s already done very well,” General Manager Austin Clayton said.  “She is always excited to assist with customers.  We have not had any complaints.”

Ali has been living in Eagle Springs for the past thirteen years and graduated one year early from high school by taking online courses.  She  applied for a position at McDonald’s to gain more experience with customer service as well as “prepare for adulthood.”

“I like talking to people and helping people whenever I can,” she said.

Ali’s grandparents, Shari and Craig Brigman, raised her to care for others no matter what.

She implemented this rule at a young age when she began volunteering at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital during the summer of her eighth and tenth grade years.  While at the hospital, Ali would sit with cancer and surgical patients to talk with them and help them feel better.

“I like to make people feel better,” she said.  “One patient wanted some sweets to eat, so I went to the cafeteria and ordered some for him.”

With a history of her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother working at the hospital, it’s no wonder that Ali had an interest in helping patients.

Ali volunteers to teach Sunday School every week at her church, Cornerstone Baptist Church in West End.  She volunteers at other churches for events when there is a need.

Though Ali is young, her goal is to follow in her grandparents’ footsteps by going into the AirForce.  She plans on joining as soon as she meets the weight requirement.

In the spring she plans to take EMS courses at Sandhills Community College to become a paramedic as a backup plan.  Until then, she continues to learn responsibility and multitasking at McDonald’s.

“I love it.  I love all my coworkers and managers,” Ali said.  “I try to always be smiling and always have a positive attitude.  I try to have different conversations besides food, such as the weather or how someone is doing.  I stay positive.”

In addition to living a positive lifestyle, Ali is preparing to get married during the fall of 2019.  She got engaged to her fiancé, Alan Burgess, in May of this year during Bike Week.

After becoming a paramedic, Ali hopes to begin volunteering with her fiancé at the Robbins Fire Department.

Kathie Parsons came to Seven Lakes to visit her sick mother.  During her stay, she had several encounters with Ali.

“It was my good fortune to walk into the restaurant and meet her,” Kathie said.  “She has made my stay so joyful because of her personality and kindness.  I will miss her very much, and I pray that she has a blessed life.”

Ali continues to spread smiles at McDonald’s and hopes that she can be an inspiration to others who work at restaurants.

“If have job, don’t judge book by its cover.  Just help anybody out that you can,” she said.