3 Helicopters Called After Wreck On 705 Leaves 3 Men In Critical Condition

A wreck happened on Tuesday, September 26th on NC HWY 705 in Eagle Springs.

Three men were traveling in a vehicle when they swerved off the side of the road, hitting a tree.  Firemen had to cut one man out of the car.

All three men were in critical condition.  Three helicopters were called in to take them to trauma centers for treatment.

“I’ve never in twenty-five years landed three [helicopters] at the same time,” Eagle Springs Fire Chief Mike St. Onge said.

“I’ve never seen this before,” Seven Lakes Fire Chief Chris King said.

Responding to the scene were the Eagle Springs Fire Department, Seven Lakes Fire Department, West End Fire Department, Robbins Fire Department, and Moore County Paramedics.

(Photos taken by Bethany Ptak)