7 Fire Stations Called To House Fire in Seven Lakes West

At 9:21pm on Tueday March 12th, a call went out to several fire stations regarding a house fire in Seven Lakes West located at 139 Longleaf Drive.

Firefighters from Seven Lakes Fire & Rescue, West End Fire & Rescue, Eagle Springs Fire Department, and Eastwood Fire Department arrived at the scene. Fire Chief Eric Stromberg of West End Fire & Rescue was in charge during the event.

All of the home’s inhabitants had safely exited the building. However, due to the close proximity of surrounding homes and wooded areas, a second call was sent out.

Carthage Fire & Rescue, Pine Bluff Fire Department, and Aberdeen Fire & Rescue soon arrived to provide assistance at the scene.

Aberdeen provided their Tower 42, a truck with a long ladder that enabled them to gain access above the flames.

The goal was to get higher than the flames and shoot water down onto the home in an effort to better put out the fire. However, this method ended up not being used. Fortunately, the fire was safely contained and controlled.

Several hours after the firefighters had left the scene, the fire rekindled and began to burn again within the attic of the home. Local firefighters quickly returned to the scene and ensured that the flames were put out once again.