Merry Market Crafters at St. Mary Magdalene

Sisters Kelly Bousquet & Wendy Hippe

On Saturday, November 18th, St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church held its annual Merry Market event featuring local crafters.

The funds from this event were used to go to local outreach programs and charity groups – including Project Linus who had a representative at the event.

Bob Reinhardt

Bob Reinhardt attended the event with his own trellises and arbors.  To contact Reinhardt about his work, please call (910) 673-3573 or email  More of Bob’s work can be seen at

Jan Graindorge presented her up-cycled denim crafts as well as other craft pieces.  To ask her about her products, call (910) 673-2496.

Vera VanHouten is eighty-eight years young and has been making all types of crafts to sell for Project Linus.  Project Linus representative Carmen Frotton helped VanHouten to display her many crafts – including a beaded Christmas tree consisting of 906 beads.

Connie Ambrosio also had a table for her custom-made jewelry that is “one of a kind.”  Her sister travels and collects stones on her journeys that are then used to make unique jewelry pieces.  For more information, call (910) 975-0651.

Edie Reinhardt spends hours at her sewing machine creating handmade fabric baskets, crocheted scarves, dishcloths, and scrubbies.  She can make custom orders in a variety of colors.  For more information, ccall (910) 673-3573 or email

Lori Fischler

Lori Fischler sells “Jewelry for the Mind, Body & Spirit.”  Her work features a variety of stones that are fashioned into stylish necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  To contact Fischler, call (910) 673-2390 or email

Tina Viscuso makes necklaces, scarves, headbands, shawls, baby socks, and more through Tina’s Handmade Gifts.  In her photo, she is modeling one of her long ribbon scarves.  To contact Viscouso, call (910) 400-5356.

BethAnn Russell attended Merry Market with some of her jewelry and post cards.  Russell paints beautiful oil paintings and features the image on her post cards.  The funding raised from the jewelry helps to fund her passion for painting.  To contact Russell, call (336) 937-0627 or email

Karen Beckerman had help from her friend Mary Jo Sweica in setting up her decorated Christmas trees and Thanksgiving holiday wreaths at the event.

Professional Basket Weaver Bonnie Roberson presented some of here unique designs at Merry Market with some of her baskets.  All of her baskets are made by hand in her own home.  To contact Roberson, call (910) 295-1245 or email

Sisters Kelly Bousquet & Wendy Hippe

Two sisters at the event were Kelly Bousquet and Wendy Hippe with their B. Hip Dips.  Bousquet makes homemade dip blends that have perfected over the years.  Hippe featured some of her own holiday pine cone decorations that could be placed in homes for an extra special holiday feel.  To contact Bousquet and Hippe, emil  Be sure to visit their website at

Michele Dusch attended the event with her sewn bowl covers.  Ever take a bowl out of the microwave and find that it is too hot to the touch?  Her bowl covers provide an effective way to transfer hot bowls without burning ones self.  To contact Dusch, call (910) 673-3369 or email