Veterans Day Memorial Service in Carthage

A Veteran’s Day Memorial Service was held in Carthage on Saturday, November 4th.

Attending the event was Commissioner Catherine Graham who encouraged citizens to remember those who have fought for our freedom.

Two local groups presented wreaths in honor of the lives lost in the name of freedom.

Deborah Gibson introduced guest speaker Master Sergeant Scott Fales.

Master Sergeant Scott Fales

Fales reminded the community of the great number of veterans that are local to our area.

“Who are they?  They are mostly just family, friends, and neighbors,” he said.  “They represent every race and religion in America.”

He noted that veterans should be used for the wisdom that they carry from their experiences.

“At this time, America needs veterans more than they ever have,” he explained.

He also encouraged local veterans to use the Moore County Veterans Service as a resource.

After closing his speech, Gibson presented him with an award, honoring him for his service.

Pastor Henry Braddy was invited to say a prayer before the closing of the service.