Kiwanis Bingo 1/16/18

Kiwanis of Seven Lakes

General Information

Bingo is played at Chapel in the Pines Fellowship Hall the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month September – June.  Early Bird Bingo begins at 7:00 PM, followed by Regular Bingo at 7:30 PM

  • Seven Lakes Kiwanis Bingo is licensed by the State of North Carolina.
  • Bingo proceeds support the children of West End Elementary and Moore County.
  • Winnings are paid by check.  We will cash all winning checks $75 and under.
  • Our games use exclusively bingo paper.  Bingo daubers are required and can be purchased from us for $1.00 each or bring your own.
  • Not responsible for misplaced bingo sheets.
  • Prizes are equally divided among multiple winners.  Minimum pay-out is $5.00.

A few special details to note:

  1. Both Jackpots are ripe for the picking.  $500 Jackpot last week was missed by only 1 number.  They cannot last much longer, could be you this week!
  2. Any bingo player that brings a “NEW” player & the new player SIGNS OUR “EMAIL – SIGN – UP – LIST”, you will receive an extra Jackpot 3on bingo card to show our gratitude and thanks for getting the word out about the Kiwanis bingo.  This promotion will carry through until the end of 2018.  MUST SIGN UP WHEN YOU ARE PURCHASING GAME TICKET TO BE ELIGIBLE!
  3. New bingo game sheets are attached.  Please throw away any game sheets that you have and print the attached one.  Have a couple of new games, so the old game sheet is out of date.  I willl still have sheets available like always, but if possible, please print out yours as this will cut the paper costs down.
  4. New Bingo Procedures are attached.  The procedure has been updated to include our new Starburst Bingo Game and other changes.  Remember, you can always find the latest Bingo Procedures on the Kiwanis website at “”.  Please print or save the procedure so you can use it when talking with prospective new Bingo Players, plus it is a good reference tool for yourself.

Please see the attached bingo procedures for additional details. Best of luck this week and looking forward to seeing everyone Tuesday!

Bingo Procedures 2018 Final 2018 Games