New General Manager Gets Straight To Work! – Seven Lakes N & S

The Seven Lakes North & South Landowners Association held a Board Meeting on January 11th.

Board Member Jared Fravel opened a discussion of maintenance to the community in regard to the satisfaction level.

“I think generally because of lack of man power, we’ve seen a degrading of facilities…,” one resident said, explaining that there are only two maintenance men.  “They’re backed up to the point that they don’t know what to do next.”

“Our maintenance has moved from being proactive… to almost totally reactive,” another resident stated.

Several other residents agreed on a lack of initiative in regard to maintenance.  Suggestions were proposed such as having community volunteers to help with the maintenance.

It was also pointed out that the maintenance crew reports to the Community General Manager.

Board Member Kim Doolittle presented the budget from 2017 and a rough draft of the budget for 2018.  The two largest expenses for the community in 2017 were Grounds and Maintenance.

Doolittle commented that the community currently does not have sufficient funds in savings, also known as the unrestricted reserve.

The community’s income has decreased by about $4,000 from last year due to the removal of pool fees.

The Board has renegotiated their contract with CAS, forming a new contract for 2018 which has no additional fees in contrast to the former contract.

The Board passed a motion to approve the following Seven Lakes North & South properties for sale: 204 West Devonshire in Seven Lakes South – $1000, 144 Lancashire Lane in Seven Lakes South – $1000, 116 Primrose Circle in Seven Lakes North – $1000, 110-112 Pleasant View in Seven Lakes North – $12,000.

During the Treasurer’s Report, the Board passed a motion to clean out the green waste site for $10,000.  Due to the expiration of the former contract, the Board is now able to have the site cleaned of wood chips at a lower cost.  Residents are welcome to take wood chips from the site as they please, due to the fact that it will lower the cost of its removal.

New Community General Manager Jeanette Mendence introduced herself to the community during the Management Report.  Mendence worked as the General Manager for Seven Lakes West for six years before switching to Seven Lakes North & South.  Her first day of work was Monday, January 8th.

With the addition of Mendence, the office is now fully staffed.  Since her arrival, she has overseen the removal of holiday decorations and had a shut off valve installed at the stables after a water pipe broke.

Dr. Turner discussed the horse, Louis, who has been receiving treatment for stomach ulcers.  As a horse owner and lover, Dr. Turner suggested that Louis continue on a lower dose of GastroGuard to help heal his ulcers.  A positive change in his behavior has been noticed since he began treatment.

“[We’ll] try to see if that will take care of it,” Dr. Turner said.

“When he first came, he seemed grumpy in his behavior,” said Fravel whose wife works at the stables.  “[We] can definitely tell he’s feeling better.”

Mendence announced that the speed bumps on the dam have been removed.  She also acknowledged the wonderful snow plowing job that was done by Evergreen.  Mendence also had new restroom signs placed in the office and clubhouse.

The Board mentioned their appreciation for Security Guard David Hartsell who went “above and beyond” to help assist and supervise school children who were dropped off at the wrong location while there was snow.  Hartsell worked for more than twenty-nine hours straight to help the community during the snow.

Fravel expressed his thanks to St. Mary Magdalene on behalf of the association.  Members of St. Mary Magdalene volunteered to come and change out lights for the Seven Lakes Association.

The fish habitats have been completed, and those who have a dock and want a habitat placed under it should contact the Board to let them know.

The Board is currently working on scheduling a Meet the Candidates Night for the upcoming election that is to be held in March.  Nominees include Erin King and Amber Johnson.

One resident announced to the Board that vehicles have been driving too quickly in Seven Lakes South, almost injuring a child.  Another resident pointed out that the speeding vehicles belonged to contractors.

The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 24th at 6:30 PM.  Board Member Steve Hudson will provide information on radar guns at the meeting.