Moore County District II Commissioner visits Kiwanis

Kiwanis meeting February 20, 2018:  Louis Gregory, was elected to the Moore County District II (McLendon Hills to Pinehurst) County Commissioner position in 2016.  During his 43 year professional career he served mostly in police command positions as Superintendent of the CSX Police Department, Joint Command Staff of the FBI Ant-Terrorism Task Force, and Police Chief of the Whispering Pines Police Department.  In 2009, he retired but remained active as an ethics instructor to prospective law enforcement officers at Sandhills Community College.  He was quick to say that the school board makes the decision on required expenditures, and the County Commissioners have to find the money to pay for the expenditures.   Commissioner Gregory brought the club members up to date on the school “needs” situation with the state.  The state declared an emergency need for a new school to absorb Sandhill Farm Life and Lakeview Elementary School.  Moore County had no choice then  but to approve the expenditure resulting in a First Bank Loan.  There will be three bond requests for voter approval in  November, 2018:  1) First Bank loan to build new school, 2)  $103 million to make specific school improvements and 3) $20 million for Sandhills Community College implementation of a four year nursing program.  There will be a tax increase in 2019.  How much depends upon bonds passing .  Commissioner Gregory was thanked for bringing our Club up to date with all the information.