Able Carpet – The Hands-On Family Business

When it comes to fixing something in the privacy of the home, people want someone they know they can rely on.  Able Carpet & Rug Cleaning is known as the family-owned business people can trust.

Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning has been serving customers for 37 years in Randolph, Guilford, Davidson, and Moore County.

For owners Eddie and Renee Voncannon, carpet cleaning has always been a passion. Eddie attributes this passion to the way his mother raised him to be clean and helpful around the house.

Eddie bought the business from his cousin in 1982. It had previously been primarily a janitorial service with little carpet cleaning involved. Eddie really enjoyed the carpet cleaning side of it and chose to drop the janitorial service to focus on textiles when he purchased the company.

In 1987, he became involved in rug cleaning and the oriental side of business. It did not take him long to discover how much he loved it. He started traveling the country, going to different rug washing plants, getting certifications and participating in a mentorship with another company.

From the mentorship, Eddie was inspired by the passion his mentors had for rugs, not just the cleaning. He then studied rug construction, repair, history, dye types. Now he is not just a rug cleaner, but a rug historian. Eddie now mentors several people around North Carolina and in Atlanta, Georgia.

Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning takes pride in “cleaning green” and making sure that chemicals in use are environmentally safe, child, allergy, and pet-friendly.

Their hot water extraction, using steam to sanitize reaching 200 degrees, makes sure that everything comes out of the carpet at the end of the process, from dirt debris to any chemical used to clean.

Customers are encouraged to ask any questions to better understand and be comfortable with the cleaning service Able provides.

Another important aspect of Able is that it is a family business, and every member of the team is hands-on. Instead of sending others out on their behalf, the owners often go themselves to provide services for clients – one of the many reasons why Able is so unique.

“We want each other to do well. We don’t source work out and let just anybody go out and do the job,” business owner Lauren Voncannon, daughter-in-law of founder Eddie, said.

This care and consideration of Able employees leads to better quality work and a true relationship with their customers.

Not only does Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning have safe practices and stellar customer service, but it also has a repair department that is unique to this part of the state.

One of the biggest reasons for their growth is their niche in rug washing. They are one of few places in all of North Carolina that do what they do.

The team attributes their success to their unique facility and how hard they have worked to do their own in house marketing. Since choosing to expand into Moore County, they have aimed to build relationships with community members, have attended chamber meetings and local groups to network and connect.

Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning’s goal for their service in Seven Lakes can be summed up in three words – “People over profit.”

The company’s core values are honesty, integrity, and relationship building and it truly shows by their work and good reputation.

“It is more about what we bring than what we take,” Eddie said.

Their mission is to have relationships with customers. They want to meet any need when it comes to carpets, rugs, tile and grout, and upholstery.

Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning wants to be involved in the community so it feels like a friend is coming to the house to help them out.

“We have customers now that greet us with hugs,” Eddie said. “We are a service company but we also want community. We want people to be comfortable and to know who to call. There’s not going be a question of who is going to come out there. It is someone they know and trust.”

For additional information on Able Carpet and Rug Cleaning, call (910) 724-3531.