Kitchen Express – The #1 Kitchen & Bath Showroom in the Sandhills

Andy Fidandis’s goal is for Kitchen Express to be the number one kitchen and bath show room in the Sandhills area.

Growing up in the sweet state of Virginia, Andy Fidandis originally planned to be an architect.

However, shortly after graduating from high school, he moved to San Francisco and found work in a kitchen and bath showroom.

After about ten years of working in the showrooms and managing, Andy decided it was time for him to take charge of his own career.

On September 1st, 1997, Andy opened Kitchen Express in California.  Kitchen Express is a cabinet and countertop store that offers materials, design, and contracting services.

“We have granite, quarts, plastic laminate, tile, butcher block, ect.,” Andy said.  “We also offer cabinets at different price levels.”

Andy was hired by numerous individuals around the country to do kitchens in locations such as Napa Valley, Maui, Long Island, and more.  Several projects were for wineries in California.

He ran his business successfully in the golden state until about five years ago when he moved to North Carolina to be near his mother who lives in Beacon Ridge.

For many, this would have meant a change in career, but when Andy moved across the country, Kitchen Express moved with him.

Kitchen Express operated out of Southern Pines until recent months when he moved into the same building as Bears Flooring at 7501 NC Hwy 211, making it the perfect one-stop shop.

“We complement each other,” Andy said.

Kitchen Express offers over one million different door, wood, and stain combinations, making it the ideal place to shop for kitchen upgrades.

“There are lots of doors to choose from – both imported and American-made,” Andy said.

Individuals can come into the shop with a simple photo that they like.  He can copy a kitchen from any magazine, or he can make something custom.

“It’s fun to put colors together and surfaces,” he said.  “Just because it’s in a magazine doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.  We are picking everything together.”

The door style is chosen first before the countertop and the backsplash.

While Andy is able to provide an electrician, plumber, tile setter, and more individuals for projects, he is a big fan of “do it yourselfers”.  In such cases, he can provide necessary materials and step in if extra help is needed.

When coming in to shop for a project, there are two main things to keep in mind: know the budget, and do not begin the project until all materials arrive.  Andy is always willing to do his best to stay within a budget, and he can provide contractors, as needed.

“It’s a lot of fun making people’s dreams come true,” he said.

To contact Andy Fidandis with Kitchen Express, email or call (910) 975-5716.  Be sure to like his Facebook page at