Temp Control Begins New Location in Seven Lakes

Temp Control was founded on November 1st, 2007 by Matt Bialer when he decided to open his own heating and air business to provide reliable service to the community.

Matt has been in the field since 1996 and chose to become his own boss and guide the company.  Its first location was based off of Juniper Lake Road in West End, and Matt was originally the sole individual going into the field for the company.

Several years later, Matt decided to bring the business closer to his home in Seven Lakes, where he has been living since 2003.  In 2012, he purchased the former Italian Table building located at 136 Grant Street in Seven Lakes.

Temp Control will be moving into its new location in 2019 located off of MacDougall drive in Seven Lakes.

While building his company, Matt provided full heating and air services as well as installation to residential, commercial, and industrial locations throughout Moore County – which he continues to do to this day.

What makes him unique is the fact that he is both a licensed real estate agent and a licensed electrician.  These factors have allowed him to better keep up with certain codes as he installed new units without having an additional contractor come in.

“[There is] value for our customers,” Matt said.  “There is no extra cost for an additional contractor.”

With twenty-three years of experience in the business, Matt is also able to professionally design heating and air systems for homes as well as correct systems that do not function as needed.  He is also able to work with those who have had unnecessary spikes in their heating and air bills.

Some homes may have a system in place but not provide comfort equally to every room in the house.  For situations such as these, Matt is able to figure a solution.

“We design it to allow proper air flow,” he said.

Last year, Matt was approached by Sandhills Community College to teach a forty-two week course on the heating and air business.

“I think someone recommended me,” Matt said.  “I saw value in trying to do that.  Trades are being looked down upon.  We need more people involved in this kind of work.”

The class began with seventeen students.  He taught twice a week and finished with a class of twelve students.

Now, Temp Control has grown to have fifteen employees, including Matt’s wife of twenty-two years, Sharon, who handles the book keeping, payroll, and human resources.

One unique feature of Temp Control is that pay is not commission-based.

“It helps keep employees honest,” Sharon said.  “They’re not going to sell items someone doesn’t need.”

“Employees agree with that,” Matt said.  “They don’t have to meet a quota.”

Matt is always looking for quality individuals to join Temp Control.  He hopes to employ his middle son, Jacob, in future years once he graduates from Pinecrest.

“He wants to become a part of the business,” Sharon said.  “He has done summer work and asks a lot of questions.”

Entry qualifications for a position include having the ability to want to learn, no criminal record, a valid driver’s license, and being at least eighteen years of age.  An EPA certification is a plus as it is required to handle refrigerants in heating and air systems.

“We want to provide customers with quality employees to do the job,” Matt said.

Temp Control was recently rated the second-best heating and air company in Moore County.

Temp Control field workers go into various homes to do “dirty work” in crawlspaces, attics, and basements to ensure that homes are comfortable for residents.

Temp Control’s new location on MacDougall Drive is being constructed particularly for the needs of the company and its customers.  There will even be a training classroom, which was inspired by Matt’s teaching time at Sandhills.  They hope to have the building completed by February 2019.

“We look forward to getting the building built and serving the community,” Matt said.

For more information about Temp Control, contact the office at (910) 673-0900 or email tempcontrol@nc.rr.om.