Greg Grimshaw Celebrates 20 Years With Edward Jones

Greg Grimshaw has been serving the Sandhills Community as a financial adviser with Edward Jones for 20 years.

Greg was born and raised in Buffalo, New York before studying to get a degree in accounting at University of Central Florida.

During college, he chose to take an elective course in personal investments.  The professor was a financial adviser, and he sparked Greg’s interest in the field.

After graduation, he worked as a CFO for a company in Atlanta, Georgia for ten years.  He then made the transition to financial adviser with Edward Jones.

“I always thought it was something I should do,” he said.

Upon starting with Edward Jones, Greg and his wife, Amanda, moved to her hometown – Pinehurst.  When they are not busy raising their three children, they enjoy playing golf.  Amanda and her brother practice dentistry and own Kuhn Dental Associates in Aberdeen.

Edward Jones ranks number one for full service investment firms.  The Edward Jones vision for financial advisers and their team is to work together to make sure they are focused on what matters most to the client.  The company is structured to offer limited partnerships to their employees.

“It lends to how we advise clients,” Greg says.  “We are an owner of Edward Jones.”

Greg provides his clients with a tailored investment strategy to address their unique needs including: children’s college, retirement, divorce, job changes, long-term care, life insurance, and estates.  Together, he can determine immediate and long-term goals by utilizing a five-step process to help develop a personalized investment plan.

Greg has a number of clients in Seven Lakes.  His office is located at 211-F Central Park Ave in Olmsted Village, and the hours at 8:30AM-5:00PM daily.  His phone number is (910) 235-9098, and his email is  His office assistants are Claire Henson and Shari Basille.