The McKenzie Brothers Band – Together Since 2000

McKenzie Brothers Band

Brothers Robbie and Steve McKenzie have been building up their friendship since 1962 when Steve was born.

While growing up in Moore County, the two would sing and be musical in front of family and on their front porch.  They decided to pursue their passion for music after a cousin encouraged them to start a band.

“We found out at the time that it was much more comfortable singing on the porch,” Robbie said.

It wasn’t until the year 2000 that The McKenzie Brothers Band was formed.

Besides Robbie and Steve McKenzie, as lead singer and lead guitarist, the group also includes Dan Jordan on base and Donny Buchholz at the drums and symbols.  All members of the group sing.

The McKenzie Brothers Band typically sticks to music that falls into the folk, country, and comedy genres.  They also do multiple song covers by “Southern Culture on the Skids.”

“A lot of people haven’t heard of them,” Robbie said.

Custom songs have also been written, such as “Mom, Please Let Me Watch Batman” – a story of Robbie’s childhood as he asked his mom to watch the continuation of Batman episodes while held in suspense of knowing whether Batman would survive.

The McKenzie Brothers Band also have an album out called “Live and Learn.”

“It’s a good album,” Dan said.  “I enjoy the camaraderie and music.  It’s a lot of fun.”

“My favorite thing is listening to Robbie’s stories as well as playing with these guys,” Donny said.

“They play very good music.  We’re very lucky to have them,” Robbie said.  “We’re just having fun.”

The McKenzie Brothers Band plays every month at Pik ‘N Pig as well as other areas around Moore County.  They’ve been known to play at Johnson’s Point, the Autumn Festival, Farmer’s Day, and the Buggy Festival.

“I love this band so much,” Steve said.  “I don’t have the smoothest voice in the world, but when I sing with my brother… there’s chemistry.”

Steve is especially grateful to be a part of the band after his recent recovery from a battle against stage four melanoma.

Three years ago, Steve was diagnosed with stage four melanoma after discovering a lump on his back.  He participated in a clinical trial that had a goal of reducing the cancer by 10%.  Today, Steve is cancer free.

“It’s a real blessing,” Steve said.

To learn more about The McKenzie Brothers Band or to book them for a gig, call Robbie McKenzie at (910) 603-1484.  Visit their website at and find their Facebook page by searching “The McKenzie Brothers Band.”