Interior Designer Offers Wide Variety of Remodeling to Locals

As a professional interior architect that specializes in kitchen and bath remodels, Lillian Capobianco has found her passion is in her designs. Capobianco offers skill in a full variety of other projects such as home remodeling and commercial remodeling, recently reopening her own business, A Designer’s Touch.

Capobianco is happy to walk clients all the way from talking through ideas to  blueprints through to the final product viewing as she presents them with their finished project.

In more than 18 years experience in interior design, Capobianco is well versed in the specifics of the design field. She attended New York Tech and focused on interior design, she is also currently working on being licensed in 6 states for contracting.

Detailing each idea and desire of the client’s to match the reality of how they want their residential or commercial space to look is exactly what Capobianco does.

While not sacrificing quality for budget, Capobianco believes it is in the best interest of the client to keep things priced reasonably and effectively to be able to meet the needs of any project big or small.

Capobianco was inspired by this field at a young age, with the hope to be able to help people feel happy and satisfied in the space they occupy on a daily basis.

“I don’t really have one particular style, because I believe a good designer reflects what the client wants, so you never know their particular style until meeting them,” Capobianco shared.

With being known for her swift completion of projects, Capobinaco is proud of being able to make sure the work for her clients is done efficiently and with great quality.

“I am really all over wherever the client needs. I have completed projects in Fayetteville, South Carolina, Seven Lakes, and all over Moore County,” Capobianco stated.

She hopes to expand to open up a showroom in the Pinehurst area, with special attention to lighting options for clients. “There is no lighting store here locally, from past experience I have heard clients so often ask about lighting options. Since everything is in books it is hard for customers to look through a book to choose what they want to visualize in their home.”

Capiobanco is most proud off a project when the remodel is done and the clients are happy and can look back on before pictures and see what their remodel then looks like afterwards.

“Clients often get overwhelmed by the amount of selections and the pressure to pull everything together, so I am happy to step in and make it much easier and comfortable,” she stated.

With each project being detailed and unique to the client, Capobianco enjoys working with different styles and preferences for each remodeling opportunity.

She has been highly recognized by many cabinet companies for her excellent design of cabinet storage space.

To find out more information or to reach Ms. Lillian Capobianco and her business at A Designer’s Touch, email her at . Give her a call at (910) 986-0158, or you can visit her website at