Bill to Vote for Repair of Wood Lake Dam Filed by Senator McInnis

Raleigh, N.C. – On Monday, Senator McInnis filed Senate Bill 190 titled Expand Special Assessments for Dam Repair. Senator McInnis issued the following statement after filing the bill: “This bill will allow the voters of the Wood Lake community to hold a referendum in order to decide if they would like to create a fee district that would generate the necessary funds to repair the Wood Lake dam. This is the beginning of a long and complex transaction that will involve the cooperation of the Wood Lake community and the county commissioners. The most important part of this proposed legislation is the fact that the citizens outside of the Wood Lake community would not be obligated for the debt that would be required to make this important repair to the dam possible. I look forward to working with Representative Boles and Representative McNeil to pass this matter in both Chambers of the North Carolina General Assembly and eventually to the Governor’s desk for his signature. In closing it is very important that this dam be repaired for several reasons, most notably the impact on future flood control and the real property tax values that have been significantly reduced due to the breach of the dam. This bill also gives military service personal the ability to travel on Highway 690 to Fort Bragg in a timely manner.”

– Tom McInnis (R-Richmond)