Brain Health as We Age: You Can Make a Difference

The Women of Seven Lakes is excited to announce that our guest speaker for our April 4 meeting will be Dr. Karen Sullivan. The meeting will take place at 2 pm at the Chapel in the Pines. Dr. Sullivan is one of 30 board certified neuropsychologists in the state of North Carolina, She is the owner of a private practice called Pinehurst Neuropsychology. In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Sullivan enjoys educating and empowering older adults in how to take care of their brain health with scientific-based information. There is no fee for this event.

At this time we are also seeking volunteers to join our board of directors. We have several key board members that will be stepping down after many years of service. This wonderful organization can only continue with the help of volunteers. If you enjoy the monthly meetings of the Women of Seven Lakes and would like to take on a leadership role to help our organization continue to promote fellowship and give back to the community, please contact Barbara Leoncini, 910-673-0016 for more information on positions and possibilities.